This add on is a bit more challenging.

This video will guide you through it to help you complete the difficult parts.

When you're finished, the narrators mouth will move while it talks about the main character.

First, write the code that will make the narrators mouth move.

If you click on the costumes tab, you'll notice the narrator has three costumes.

Click between them and it looks like he's talking.

Now go back and click on the looks menu to find the next costume block.

Click on it to switch costumes.

To switch costumes without having to keep clicking on the block, place it inside a loop.

And now test the code by clicking on it.

The mouth moves, but it's really fast.

Adding a weight block and tinkering with it's value will make the mouth move slower.


The say for the number of seconds block shows a speech bubble for the specified number of seconds.

To test just this piece of code, temporarily remove it from the rest of the code then run it.

That doesn't look right.

The say for the number of seconds block causes the speech bubble to show up, stay for a few seconds then disappear.

Only then does the code start running.

The say block on the other hand makes the speech bubble show up and remain visible until the next say block is run.

Placing the animation code under the say block makes the speech bubble remain in place while the narrator's mouth moves.

Test it by clicking on the code.

It works.


There is one problem.

The narrator doesn't stop saying this main characters name is Dino even after the mouth stops moving.

To make the say block disappear add a second say block after the code that makes the narrators mouth move and leave the space that tells the character what to say empty.

Click on the code to watch it work.

The narrator says this main characters name is Dino while the mouth moves then stops.


This code would get really long and heard to read if you had to insert this code block every time the main character does something.

Animiate the Narrator: Part 2 will show you how to make the narrator talk while it's mouth is moving so you can use a single block instead of multiple ones each time the narrator speaks in your story.

Now it's your turn.

Use a repeat loop, next costume block and weight block to animate the narrators mouth.

Swap the say for two seconds block with the say block and place it above the animation code.

Add an empty say block to the end of the animation code to make the speech bubble disappear.

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