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In this addon, you'll add another object for your character to encounter in your story.

Click on the Object sprite and the costumes tab.

You can choose a new costume from the Scratch library.

You can upload an image from your computer.

Or draw your own image.

This video will show drawing a new image, but you will follow the same steps, no matter how you added the costume.

This example will show drawing a duck, but you will add a costume that fits your story.

You can use filled circles and ovals to easily draw many shapes and animals.

Choose the circle tool, choose a color, click the "filled circle" button, and draw.

Give the costume a name that makes sense for what you drew.

You will use this name later.

Next, add an event, so your new costume can be used in your story.

Click the scripts tab.

This project contains starter code that allows the other costumes to be used in your story, and you should understand this code to add your new costume.

Try clicking an event to see what happens.

Clicking "When I receive Sign" makes the store sign appear and move.

When the "When I receive sign" stack is clicked, a variable called "costume" stores the costume name "sign."

Next, the "create clone" block instructs the computer to create a clone, or copy, of the sprite, and that causes the "When I start as clone block" stack to run, which switches the costume to whatever is stored in the variable costume, in this example, "Sign."

To add code for your new costume, click on the events menu, and drag out a "When I receive" block.

Click on the dropdown, select "new message," and enter a name that makes sense for the costume you added.

This example uses "duck."

Click the data menu.

Add a "set costume to" block to the event stack.

Type the *exact* name of your costume in the “set” block.

In this example, the costume name is "duck."

The name you type in must exactly match the name you used for your costume.

If you forget the name, go back to the costumes tab to check it.

Now, click the stack to try it.


The variable stores the costume name "duck."

Click the "Control" menu, add a "create clone" block to the end of your stack, and choose "object" from the dropdown menu.

Try it by clicking the "When I receive " block stack.

The costume variable is set to duck, a clone is created, and it glides across the screen.


Lastly, add your new costume into your story, so you can show it off.

Add a “broadcast” block from the events menu, and choose your new costume from the dropdown.

Now, it's your turn.

Add a new costume to the object sprite.

Name the costume.

Add code to make the new costume appear, then add a “broadcast” block to tell your new object when it is time to appear in the story.

Choose an Add-On
Add Sound
Add sounds to your story.
Walk in the Park
Add another object for your character to encounter in your story.
Change of Scene
Add a scene to the end of your story, and stop your character's walk.
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