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In this add-on, you will make a conversation happen between two characters and your story.

You created dialogue in activities two and three, so this video will just provide a quick review of how to sequence say and wait blocks to make characters talk to each other.

The starter project you chose has a premise, and the dialogue you create should fit that premise.

For example, if you selected the sprite versus self starter project, the dialog you sequence should show the main character battling against her fear of performing.

To start sequencing dialogue, you'll need at least two characters in your story.

If your project only has one character, add a second sprite.

Then make the sprites in your story talk to each other.

Remember that you can do that by adding a when flag clicked event, say, and wait blocks for each sprite.

Check out these two examples of sequence dialogue.

You'll create dialogue that makes sense in your story.

Now it's your turn.

Add to your story by creating a conversation between two sprites.

Use the dialogue to let your character's personalities shine through.

Have fun and be creative.

Choose an Add-On


Program your character to escape the scene!

Dynamic Dialogue

Make a conversation happen between two characters in your story.

Between the Scenes

Program a fading transition to change the scene in your story!

Deus Ex Machina

Add a new sprite that fixes the conflict and resolves the premise in your story.

The End

End your story with a cool animation.


  1. Select modules that interest you!
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