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In this add-on, you’ll change the setting of your pitch for each part of the story.

This powerful effect can add drama and help grab your audience’s attention. Using a blank backdrop, for example, might make the audience focus on the narrator. Then, you might switch to a setting in which your product would be used. The design and implementation of this add-on is up to you! To start, select the stage and the backdrops tab. Click “Choose backdrop from library,” and select a backdrop. Choose a backdrop for the introduction, the body, or the conclusion.

This example uses the blank backdrop for the introduction, then switches backdrops after the body. Next, program the backdrop to change. Click the scripts tab and the looks menu. Drag out a “switch backdrop” block. Select the first backdrop for your story. This example uses a blank backdrop called “backdrop1.”Click the events menu, and select a “when I receive block.” Change the value in the block to "introduction." Click the blockstack to test. The first backdrop shows. Next, program the next backdrop to appear when the “body” message is broadcasted. Drag out a "switch backdrop" block and select the appropriate backdrop. Then, click events and drag out a "when I receive block." Change the value to a new message called “body.” Click the flag to test it. The backdrop changes when the stage receives the “introduction” message, and changes again when it receives the "body" message. Finally, consider adding more code to change the backdrop for the conclusion! Now it’s your turn: Change the backdrop for the start of the story with "when I receive introduction” and "switch backdrop" blocks. Change the backdrop for the body of the story with "when I receive body” and "switch backdrop" blocks.

Choose an Add-On
Scene Change
Change the setting of your pitch for each part of the story.
Innovation Redesign
Customize the costume of your sprite to better match your vision.
Add a fireworks sprite to your backpack, then add it to your program, and decide when to run its code.
Protect Your Idea
Ask the audience to agree to not share any of the ideas in your story with other people.
Building Volume
Add a song to your story and control its volume based on which part of the story is being told.
Add Interactivity
Make the end of your pitch interactive by asking the audience a question and responding accordingly.
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  1. Choose an Add-On, and click "watch" to learn how to build it.
  2. Once you finish one Add-On, try another one below the video!