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This add-on will walk you through how to program your models to make a colorful cartwheel when they come on stage. Notice that the starter project contains a “when I start as a clone” block. You will add your code under this event block.

First, program the model to do a cartwheel. Drag out a “turn left” block. When you click this, the sprite turns. To make it do a full rotation, add a “repeat” loop.

Tinker with the values in these blocks until the they equal 360 when multiplied together.

This will allow your model to do a full cartwheel. Great! Next, add a “stamp” block from the Pen menu inside the repeat loop. Test this out.

cool! To clear the stage, place a “clear” block to the outside of the repeat loop. Now, when the model does a cartwheel, it makes a trail that disappears after it’s finished. To make a cool rainbow effect, place a “change color effect by” block inside the repeat loop.

Great! To change the model back to normal, add a “clear graphic effects” block to the outside of the “repeat” loop under the clear block.

Now, whenever the sprite does a cartwheel and changes its color, the “clear” and “clear graphic effects” blocks reset the model to its original look.

Add this code to the “when I start as a clone” event.

Now.. every time a model comes onto the stage, it does a snazzy cartwheel!

Now, it’s your turn: Make your model cartwheel using the “turn” block and the “repeat” loop. Add “stamp” and “change color effect by” blocks for a cool rainbow effect. Finally, reset your model using “clear” and “clear graphic effects” blocks. Add the code under the “when I start as a clone” event. If you have a question, ask your neighbor or put up your sticky to get the attention of your CS First guru!

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Mannequins stylés
Programme un lever de rideau pour ta cérémonie de récompenses.
Mannequins bavards
Crée une liste que les lutins Spectateurs utiliseront lorsqu'ils entrent sur scène.
Silhouette sautillante
Programme pour ton spectacle de mode un public qui apparaît à la fin et acclame les créations !
Trophée animé (Défi)
Code ton trophée pour qu'il fasse une animation pendant ton programme.
Applaudissements et musique (Défi)
Ajoute une boucle musicale ou des applaudissements à ton programme.
Arrière-plan scintillant (Défi)
Fais scintiller ton arrière-plan !
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