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This add-on will show you how to use Scratch to create your own song.

Click on the stage, so that you will be programming the background to play the song.

Then, click on the sound menu. Click on the “play note” block, and drag it into the scripts area. This block plays a note.

Place another “play note” block under the first. Click on the dropdown to change the note being played. Click on the code again to test it.

Now, change the number in the “beat” part of the block from 0.5 to 0.25.

Click on the code again to test it.

You'll notice the note plays faster now than it did before.

Putting a lot of these “play note” blocks together builds a melody. You can use “repeat” blocks to make parts of the melody play again and again.

When you have a melody you like, change the speed of your song with the “set tempo to” block.

To change the sound, use the “set instrument” block.

Tinker with different instruments from the dropdown menu until you like the sound.

Finally, it’s time to tell the program when to play this song. This example plays the song while the main character dances, so it starts with the “when I receive dancing” block.

Now, it’s your turn: Build a melody using several “play note” blocks with different notes and beats.

Use the “set instrument” block to change the sound.

Use the “set tempo” block to change the speed.

Add an event block with the message that you want to start playing the song.

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