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arrow_back Dialogue dynamique


In this add-on, you will make a conversation happen between two characters in your story.

You created dialogue in activities 2 and 3, so this video will just provide a quick review of how to sequence “say” and “wait” blocks to make characters talk to each other.

The starter project you chose has a premise, and the dialogue you create should fit that premise. For example, if you selected the “sprite vs. self” starter project, the dialogue you sequence should show the main character battling against her fear of performing.

To start sequencing dialogue, you’ll need at least two characters in your story. If your project only has one character, add a second sprite.

Then, make the sprites in your story talk to each other.

Remember that you can do that by adding a “when flag clicked” event, “say,” and “wait” blocks for each sprite.

Check out these two examples of sequenced dialogue. You’ll create dialogue that makes sense in your story.

Add to your story by creating a conversation between two sprites. Use the dialogue to let your characters’ personalities shine through. Have fun and be creative!

Choisir une extension
Programme ton personnage pour qu’il s'échappe de la scène !
Dialogue dynamique
Crée une conversation entre deux personnages de ton histoire.
Entre les scènes
Programme une transition en fondu pour changer la scène dans ton histoire !
Deus Ex Machina
Ajoute un nouveau lutin qui dénoue le conflit et résout la prémisse de l'histoire.
Termine ton histoire par une animation sympa.
Entrée fracassante
Ajoute un autre lutin à ton histoire.
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