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Now that you’ve created a story, it’s time to add a credits screen to give credit to everyone who helped create your story.That might include you, your Guru or host, or any of your neighbors… really anyone! To change backdrops in your story before, you may have added a backdrop, programmed the story to change to that backdrop, then hidden the other sprites in the story. In this step, you’ll learn a shortcut so you don’t have to code all those steps. To start, don’t create a new backdrop. Instead, click “paint new sprite.” Zoom out so you can see the entire paint window.

Credits screens usually have a black background, but you can make yours whatever color you’d like. Select the paint bucket tool and the color you want. Click to use the paint bucket.

Okay, good. Now, you need to create a sprite for the credit text. Click “paint new sprite” again.

Select the text tool and a color that will show up well on your backdrop. Then, write your first piece of credit text.

Play around with the font and color. If you want to change the size, you can do that with the select tool.

Once you have completed one credit, click “paint new costume” again, and create more text.

You can do this as many times as you would like. Once you have all your credits designed, it’s time to program them to appear at the end of the story.

Find the last piece of code in your story. This is where you’ll broadcast to show the credits. Click events, and drag out a “broadcast” block. Create a new message, and call it “credits” Now, click on the backdrop sprite. This sprite needs to hide at the beginning of the story, then show when the credits are broadcast.

To do this, drag out a “when flag clicked” and a “when I receive credits” event.

Then, click looks, and place a “hide” block under the “when flag clicked” event.

Place a “show” block under “when I receive credits.”

Try it out by clicking the green flag, then the broadcast block to broadcast the message “credits”. Okay great, the backdrop sprite now appears.

Click on the text sprite, then drag out “when flag clicked” and “when I receive credits” events again. Then, attach a “hide” block to the flag event and a “show” block to the “credits” event.

Try it out! Test it a few times. What happens?

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Jouer une chanson
Écris une chanson pour attirer ton public.
Ajouter un générique
Crée un générique pour remercier tous ceux qui t'ont aidé avec ton histoire.
Œuf de Pâques
Crée un œuf de Pâques qui change l'apparence d'un lutin.
Ajouter une deuxième scène
Ajouter une autre scène à ton histoire.
Mots animés
Anime les mots comme dans une bande dessinée.
C'est l’utilisateur qui décide
Dans cette extension, ton défi est de faire participer le public, en lui posant une question et en utilisant sa réponse pour décider du cours de l'histoire.
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