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In this add-on, you’ll program your sprites to change colors, similar to how athletes wear different jerseys. First, decide which athlete gets to change into more colorful apparel. In this example, athlete2 will be the one to showcase a new uniform. Click on athlete2. The “change effect by” block from the looks menu has different effects that will make the athlete’s outfit change.

Drag out this block. Right now, it says “change color effect by 25.” Click the block to try it out. Try different values in the block, like 10 or negative 20. If you keep clicking it, your sprite changes colors to look like it’s wearing different outfits.

Sprites can change other effects besides color. Click on the black triangle dropdown to see the different effects, and select “brightness.” Click the block to try it out. Great! The sprite’s uniform gets brighter and brighter. In baseball and basketball, the home team will typically choose to wear a lighter colored version of its uniform.

In this example, athlete2 wears a variation of its jersey, so it has a slightly different uniform for “home” and “away” games. Place the “change effect by” block inside the repeat loop, choose the effect you want, and test your code by clicking on the stack.

Drag out a “clear graphic effects” block to reset your athletes uniform to its original color. Snap it to the bottom of the repeat loop. Click the block stack to check it out.

Notice how the sprite changed colors before returning to normal.

Here's the gameplan: Add “change effect by” and “clear graphic effects” blocks to the repeat loop.

For an added challenge, use different effects so that your athlete looks its absolute best when it’s performing.

Choisir une extension
Ajoute de la musique qui sera jouée lorsque les athlètes présentent leurs mouvements.
Présenter tes mouvements
Programme les athlètes pour qu'ils s'animent et se déplacent sur la scène.
Couleurs changeantes
Fais changer de couleur les lutins un peu comme les athlètes qui portent des maillots différents.
Booster la prestation
Programme le commentateur sportif pour qu'il encourage les athlètes.
Complimenter les concurrents
Fais admirer les mouvements de leurs concurrents par les lutins.
Ajouter un autre athlète
Ajouter un autre athlète au projet.
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