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arrow_back Photobombe (Défi)


Photobomb! This is a fun add-on in which you’ll program a new sprite to photobomb the interview.

In the example, this girl drops into the stage unannounced and says something silly. You won’t see all the steps you need to follow in this video. Use your knowledge about Scratch and your experience in this club to complete the add-on.

You need only a few blocks to make your new sprite photobomb! First, pick your photobomber, then determine the sprite’s starting position by dragging it to one side of the stage.

Next, choose an event to start the photobomb – probably either a keypress event or a broadcast message. Then, add some “motion” blocks to the event. You might use “change x” and “change y” because these blocks work in loops to move a sprite a certain direction.

Then, add two “repeat” loops – one to move onto the stage, and one to move off of the stage. Next, to hide the photobomber, add a “when flag clicked” block, and snap a “hide” block at the bottom of the stack. Then, under the event that will start the photobomb, add two “looks” blocks: “show” and “go to front,” to make your sprite appear in front of the other sprites on the stage.

To make your sprite say something continuously, use a “say” block instead of a “say for 2 seconds” block. Here’s the game plan: Pick a photobomber sprite, and put it in the starting position.

Use the “repeat,” “change x,” and “when I receive” blocks to make the sprite move onto and off of the stage. Finally, make the sprite hide at the start of the interview, then show when it photobombs.

Choisir une extension
Sur la sellette
Fais répondre l'utilisateur à une question d'interview !
Moments forts
Montre l'action la plus cool de l'athlète pendant le jeu.
Phrases cool
Fais dire des choses au hasard à ton athlète !
Photobombe (Défi)
Programme un lutin pour qu'il apparaisse sur scène et interrompe l'interview.
Douche à la boisson sportive (Défi)
Arrose la tête de ton athlète d'une boisson sportive.
Photos avec flash
Fais prendre des photos de l'athlète victorieux par les fans.
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