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This add-on video will show you how to add a second athlete sprite to your project, so you can play with your friends and neighbors. For starters, to easily make another sprite with all the same code as your current athlete, duplicate the athlete sprite. Right-click it, and click “Duplicate.” Next, adjust the new, duplicate athlete slightly to make it unique. Start by changing the sprite’s costume in the “costumes” tab. Click this “Flip up-down” button in the top-right to make the athlete face in the opposite direction.

To change some colors on the new athlete, use the paint bucket tool.

Next, change the backdrop on the stage from one-player to two-player. Click the stage, then the “backdrops” tab, and select the backdrop with both a blue and a red bar.

Drag the new athlete to the top of the stage so that it’s opposing the other player.

Okay, the last step is to change the controls for this second player so that it doesn’t move with the same keys as the first one, and two players can play at the same time.

Back in the scripts, click the dropdown in each “sensing” block in the “forever” loop. Select two different keyboard keys. “A” and “d” are good choices because they’re on the other side of the keyboard. Test out your new athlete by clicking the flag and using the keys you selected to move it around. Does the ball bounce off the new sprite? Does it move the right way? Great, then you’re done.

Here’s the game plan: Duplicate your athlete.

Change the new athlete’s costume, orientation, and position.

Then, change the controls for this new athlete sprite.

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Réaction au rebond
Programme le lutin Balle pour qu'il dise quelque chose lorsqu'il rebondit.
Maillot d'équipe
Dessine ton athlète pour qu'il représente ton équipe favorite.
Second joueur
Ajoute une second athlète pour créer un jeu à deux joueurs.
Enregistrer le score
Ajoute un compteur de points au jeu.
Jouer contre l'ordinateur
Programme un lutin pour qu'il joue contre l'utilisateur.
Rebond aléatoire
Fais rebondir la balle dans une direction aléatoire.
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