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In this add-on, you’ll program music that will play while your athletes showcase their favorite moves. To get started, click on the sports commentator sprite. Next, click on the sounds tab, then on “choose new sound from library.” You’ll find many different sounds here that you can use in your program. There are different categories of sounds.

Click on the “Music Loops” category on the left to see different music loops, or short sections of music tracks. Press the “play” button on a sound to hear it. When you find a song you like, click it, then click “OK.”

You can now add the new sound you chose to your project. To do that, click the "scripts" tab, click the "sound" menu, and drag a “play sound until done” block into the script editor. Make sure the sound you chose is selected in the dropdown.

The “play sound” block plays a sound without pausing the rest of the code. This block is mostly used for quick sound effects. The “play sound until done” block, on the other hand, doesn't run the code below it until the sound finishes playing. For this example, use a “play sound until done” block to prevent your background music from being cut short.

Since the music should play continuously during your performance, select a “forever” loop from the “control” menu, and place it around the “play sound until done” block.

To make this code start at the beginning of your athletes’ performance, add a “when flag clicked” event to the top of this code stack.

Click the flag to test your code. Background music plays as your athletes perform.

Cool! Here's the game plan: Add a sound from the sound library. Add a “play sound until done” block inside a “forever loop.” Don’t forget to add the “when flag clicked” event so the music plays at the beginning of your athletes’ performance.

Scegli un’estensione
Aggiungi una musica di sottofondo mentre l'atleta sfoggia le sue mosse.
Anima l'atleta facendolo muovere per il palco.
Colori cangianti
Cambia il colore degli sprite proprio come gli atleti cambiano maglia.
Bel colpo
Ordina al cronista sportivo di incoraggiare gli atleti.
Fai i complimenti agli altri
Gli sprite si complimentano a vicenda per le loro mosse.
Aggiungi un altro atleta
Aggiungi un altro atleta al progetto.
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