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Distance learning

How to teach CS First from Anywhere

Distance Learning Guide

Adjust your CS First instruction for remote or hybrid classrooms

Distance Learning Tips

Watch this video for tips on how to use CS First in any learning environment

Distance Learning Story

Gordon Brune uses CS First to engage students with distance learning

Backup plans for when computers are down, internet is offline, or websites aren't working?

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Video training

Learn how to teach CS First

"Getting Started with CS First" video series

In this series, we'll take an in-depth look at CS First resources available for teachers and learn how to use sample activities and themes in a classroom setting.

  1. What is CS First?

    Video 12:43

    In this video, we'll cover: an introduction to CS First, why CS First works for students, and how CS First is built for teachers.

  2. How to create a teacher account

    Video 22:43

    In this video, we'll cover: how to create a teacher account, how to set up a class, and how to choose a lesson.

  3. What's inside the CS First curriculum

    Video 32:00

    In this video, we'll cover: what's inside the CS First curriculum, how students can engage with activities, and how the curriculum can become part of your teaching.

  4. Using the Scratch online community

    Video 43:20

    In this video, we'll cover: what the Scratch online community is, how to use the platform, and what the community guidelines are.

  5. Connecting CS First to Google Classroom

    Video 52:33

    In this video, we'll cover: how connecting with Google Classroom can enhance your classroom experience, how to connect your CS First account with Google Classroom, and how to import a Google Classroom class into CS First.

  6. CS First from the student perspective

    Video 62:33

    In this video, we'll cover: How students navigate the CS First platform, how to begin a project, how to create and collaborate with CS First.

  7. Tips for supporting students

    Video 73:08

    In this video, we'll cover strategies to help your students succeed.


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