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Teaching code by empowering teachers

Students stand to gain the most from technology, and every student deserves the tools to succeed. The best way to set students up for success is to help empower teachers.

We provide teachers with the tools and resources to teach computer science at no cost — so every student has access to the skills that will shape the future.


10 million lessons taught since 2014


Designed by teachers

Teachers are the heart of the classroom, and the steadfast advocates for students. They also know what's best for their classroom.

CS First was built by educators who wanted a tool that allowed every teacher to teach computer science, even if they weren't tech experts. So they developed a curriculum that made it easy to teach and integrated into a wide range of classrooms.


Powered by Scratch

Students code with Scratch, a free, block-based programming tool developed by MIT. It's ideal for beginners to learn coding. Students "snap" together blocks of commands that the computer can carry out.

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Aligned to education standards

Classroom stories

See how other teachers are bringing computer science into their classrooms.